Green Pathways App

Green Pathways showcases 12 unique green spaces, from riverside parks and community gardens, to historic graveyards and living green walls, within the London Bridge area.

The green spaces around London Bridge shed light on its complex culture and history, and on the people and communities shaping its future as it continues to grow and develop.

Discover new and hidden spaces

There are many ways to explore the spaces and we have added connected themes to help you contextualise and relate to them. The three themes are Historical Sites, Garden Designers and Community Gardens - using the overlays on the map will allow you to pick and follow these with ease.

Green Pathways will help our community and vistors understand all of the hidden green spaces we have in London Bridge

Shane Clarke Team London Bridge

Notifications via iBeacons

Green Pathways is the first app in South London to make use of iBeacon with bluetooth technology. As you walk through and around our green spaces beacons will notify your device about their context, history and any events happening there.

Bringing this new technology to London Brdige is massively exciting and we fully expect you to have hours of fun using the app and discovering the hidden green space we have.

Don Campbell Team London Bridge

Monitor the air around you

Using up to the minute data from London Air, Gren pathways will show you the improved air quality the green spaces of London have and the benifits for your health if you use them regularly.

We have created our own monitors and these will be placed within the space to give a hyper-local picture of the air quailty around you.
There are many superb green spaces in London Bridge and part of their appeal is that they are often hidden away and need to be discovered. The Green Pathways app and ibeacons help do that by linking them together, giving you information where and when you need it.

Jon Tighe Potters Fields Park

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